What is the Cheapest Stock Photo Site?

When it comes to stock photos, a great majority of customers would always think about prices per image or subscription rates – as well as other perks that go with it. They would always want to know where they can get the cheapest stock photos.

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that cheap stock photos are of inferior quality compared to expensive stock photos, there are a lot of customers who have limited budget to spare for project or website aesthetics so they would mostly prefer cheap stock photos – and in this case, the cheaper the better.

Finding the cheapest stock photo site needs research and, sometimes, even scouring the web for quality websites that could give you the best offer for your buck – or cents. There are a lot – and I mean A WHOLE LOT – of websites that promises “the cheapest stock photos” but fails in the quality or quantity department, so there’s no point in investing there.

To spare you the trouble of spelunking through the every crevice in the internet to find the cheapest stock photo site that’s rich in both quality and quantity, here’s a list of the top 5 stock photo agencies. The list will give you an insight about each site’s offers and pricing and the top one is where you can find the cheapest stock photos for your project and website needs.

  • Number 5 – Shutterstock

Shutterstock has a pricing of a single royalty-free stock photo at $0.28. New users will also have access to their weekly free photos and other bonuses.

  • Number 4 – Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers $0.20 for a single royalty-stock photo and, like other stock photo websites, they also offer a free photo gallery when you sign up for a new membership. Dreamstime has a very flexible purchasing system that will conveniently lead you to the images section worth $0.20 apiece.

  • Number 3 – Fotolia

Fotolia offers an even cheaper price than the previous two agencies. With $0.14 for one royalty-free stock photo, their website also has a free image gallery, and an option to download a Microsoft add-on and a Fotolia Desktop for the users’ convenience.

  • Number 2 – Depositphotos

As one of the most popular sites around, Depositphotos offers both quality and quantity stock photos for their clients and a cheap price per photo at $0.10 apiece. New users can also enjoy their free trial for all new members which enables them to download 35 free stock photos (5 photos per day for a 7-day period). They also let users have the option to choose their buying plan for more $0.10 images. With these much advantages, they are surely a site worth checking out.

  • Best Cheapest Stock Photo Site – Photospin

And last, but not least, on the list of the cheapest stock photo agency on a price per photo comparison goes to Photospin. Users can spend for as low as $0.01 per stock photo with over 2.5 million images to choose from. Although it isn’t as much as other popular stock agencies, but with that cheap price there’s no way you can possibly pass up on such an offer. That amount of image library is still definitely large enough to at least contain several images that you need.

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